Choosing the perfect Blank T-shirt for your t-shirt printing company

If you are the owner of an embroidering, marketing, or printing company, it may be overwhelming to decide on the best t-shirt for your next project.  To find the best t-shirt for printing, some factors you need to consider are fabric quality, color selection, style, and size range. After you have made the considerations and have a clear picture of the T-shirt you want, you can then proceed to Browse Relevant Stores, including reading about True Classic Tees, to select and purchase the t-shirt that will best suit your company’s needs. Below are insights that will help you choose the best blank t-shirts for printing.

Selecting an assortment of fittings

Except if you have particular users that you are targeting with your t-shirts, you should always go for a diverse range of T-shirts. This will help attract a range of clients as varied clients often have different preferences and tastes. Some may desire to have baggy tees, while others may prefer fitted ones. Others will love t-shirts with a funny look and not too baggy and not too tight. It is thus essential to ensure you have t-shirts of different fits to meet the tastes of varied clients.

Look at the material and its quality

Don’t have the notion that all you want is a piece of t-shirt and ignore the material used to make it. Instead, keep in mind that the type of fabric it is made of will affect the level of comfort and thus the wearer’s performance. The quality of the material making the t-shirt should be your primary consideration. Go for a material that will not shed its color when being washed. Go for dealers who only deal with high-quality clothing. Softness is particularly an important feature that depends on the material.
One of the  materials that’s most common is cotton. Going for 100% cotton fabric will guarantee soft and quality pieces. You can also go for blends. You’ll find double or triple blends with cotton. One such popular combination is that of 50% polyester to 50% cotton. You can also find 10% polyester to 90% cotton. If your client prefers stretchy and softer t-shirts, you can go for Tri-blends such as one with 25% rayon, 50% cotton, and 25% polyester. Organic cotton is soft and environmentally conscious.

Select T-shirts based on gender

If you are targeting both male and female clients, you can opt for unisex designs and styles. Alternatively, you can choose to have separate collections both for females and males. Neck style is also a factor in selecting a t-shirt as far as gender is concerned. Halter, round, and V-neck T-shirts are feminine. Ensure that you have t-shirts with different sleeves, from long sleeves, half sleeves, and short sleeves.

Purchase your T-shirts from a manufacturer

 If you are beginning your brand, the aim is to achieve quality on an affordable budget. Typically, purchasing T-shirts directly from wholesalers and the factory lowers the cost without compromising quality. Always aim at blending both quality and price.

Mix both Bright and Dull colors

The color of T-shirts cannot be overlooked. Color is a critical factor in determining the type and how you’ll go about designing your print. Thus, avoid picking boring t-shirt colors. Go for a diversity of colors, both light, and bright colors. Also, consider color contrast.

Mix a variety of T-shirt sizes

It is always prudent to ensure that you get a collection of T-shirts of various sizes from XXXL, large and small. This will ensure that you attract clients of all sizes and ages.

Some other facts worth considering

The method of printing you’ll be using

Certain materials may not be suitable for the method of printing you are using. Thus, it is essential that if you haven’t started the T-shirt company yet, start by selecting the printing method you’ll be using; after this, you can then concentrate on choosing the proper plain t-shirt that will be suitable for this method of printing.

The clients you are targeting

If you are relatively new to the field and without much experience, focus on creating a target audience. This will help you understand what your target client wants and thus have t-shirts that meet their needs. While choosing your target market, you can aim for a particular locality, gender, body size, and age.

In conclusion, newbies can find it challenging to choose the best plain t-shirts for their t-shirt printing company. With this article, the reader understands how to select the best t-shirt for their t-shirt printing company.